ABout how much would it cost to do a full custom loop in my system ?

I'm just looking for some kind of rough estimate of what it would cost to do a custom loop in a system with a 4770k, 2 gtx 780s. Probably dual 240 rads, and I honestly have NO clue about pumps and how many I would need. Just trying to get an idea in my head, so I can start putting some money back. Thanks all :-)
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  1. rough estimate
    $100 per gpu
    $100 for cpu
    $100 in fittings
    $100 for reservoir and pump
    $100 for thermal paste, tubing, fluid, anticorrosion substance, anti algi substance and any extra stuff you might be able to think of
  2. oh and roughly $100 per radiator (probably closer to $150 depending on the radiator you get)
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