I'm Building a new computer and wanted some opinions

Hi building a server/ personal gaming rig and wanted to get some opinions and some advice on making it better.
here is a link to the specs http://i.imgur.com/d8Mtz0K.png (sorry about just screen capping instead of listing it)
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  1. Links to nothing.
  2. ThatVietGuy said:
    Links to nothing.

    Fixed it.
  3. if you really want a server you'll need more storage then a 1TB drive... i would get some 3tb drives to put into some sort of RAID 1 or RAID 10 array; so as to safeguard your data... I'm not sure those cpu coolers will fit next to eachother... those are hefty coolers... i'd also get some ECC ram... generally stability is the main point of a server i think.

    now onto the gaming side of things... do you need a workstation gpu compute ability or is that not something you need for your work?
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