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Wondering if anyone knows where the 12v and ground leads are on the 8pin PCIE connector... I don't have the PSU with me so i can't check, But my AX1200 has the 12v loads on the top and ground wires on the bottom row ( Looking at the PSU dead on - modular ports vantage point, CLIP on top - top 4 pins are 12v and bottom 4 pins are ground) But the AXi series are all opposite.... with 12v on bottom and ground wires on top.

This is inquiry on AX760 (NOT AX760i btw)

Wondering if anyone knows


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  1. I don't think that is possible. Think about it. There has to be an industry standard or each GPU would have to label whether or not their board had hot on the bottom or top! The clip side is ground and the top is hot. Not all PS's have power on all of the hot pins, but they are all on the same side. Diagrams:
  2. The 8-pin CPU and GPU connectors are different. CPU has +12V (YELLOW) on the clip side, while PCIe has Ground (BLACK) on the clip side, with the two extra pins for the 8-pin plug being ground too.
  3. Let me rephrase... I understand that the cables have to be a certain standard to work with all components, but the pinouts on the PSU are all different depending on brands... This is why brands all say to use their cables, because they probably crossover in a certain way to make them standard... I am making my own cables, which is why i was wondering if anyone had an idea of the pinout diagram for a AX760...
    thanks for the replies!
  4. Oh, you're talking about the end that plugs into a modular PSU.

    No idea there, sorry.

    Get a multimeter, set it to continuity test, and everything that's connected is the same voltage.
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