Buying a new CPU - Ivy Bridge or Haswell?


I was thinking of building a new PC, and I was wondering if it's worth buying Haswell or just getting an Ivy Bridge CPU and saving some money? There doesn't seem to be a lot of advantages for Haswell apart from battery life in laptops etc?

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  1. Haswell! It improves your performance and soon, most motherboards and other hardware are optimised for haswell.
  2. Ivy isn't much cheaper than Haswell any more.

    Haswell's only a few percent faster, but when they cost the same you might as well go for newer. You also get a few more USB3.0 ports and all SATA 6Gb/s.
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    Depends on how you look at it.

    For certain task the improved architecture will be much more than a few percent faster.

    I would go with haswell, as their improved architecture will be noticeable in the future.
  4. Ok great, thanks guys :)
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