should I format an old hard drive when i add it to new computer

I have added my old hard drive to a new computer both have windows vista on them. I want to use the old hard drive as storage so should I format it or just maually delete all the files on it?
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    Formatting it would be the better choice.
  2. Format takes care of the deletion!
  3. I agree, deleting manually won't get rid of the MBR left on there and other hidden files.
  4. Ok Thanks for your help. I moved all the old pictures and files I needed off it and I am formatting it now. Will I be able to use it for storing program files or just picture and documents?
  5. I have two storage devices and when i know i have a big program i install it on my secondary HDD, its as easy as changing the install location during Setup. You may want to create a seperate folder called "programs" or even partition the HDD into two halves to keep your files in order.
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