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I am looking to Learn a programming language that will be most helpful in my studies as i would would like to take up a system engineering course at university.What language will be most beneficial for my studies and which will help me in my career.
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    There is going to be no good answer to this question regardless of what anyone else tells you.

    I am a professional .NET developer and have used C++, C#(A .NET language), Java, Python, JavaScript, Ruby and Objective C in projects over the years. Each one has reason to use it and reasons to not use it.

    It would be better to look at what would I like to accomplish by writing software and go from there. The thing is in the end one you know how to write software in an language writing in another one becomes very easy.

    My girlfriend recently wanted to learn some coding and I pointed her towards Python since I think it is a very easy language to learn.
  2. It all depends on what you plan to do in your discipline, im currently at university and i am learning JAVA as i type this, ive taken C,C++, and COBOL classes. I plan to do networking in my career path so JAVA and SQL will be my choice of programming languages. If you just want to learn it to get an idea id say learn JAVA and C++ as they are the most common programming languages used today within computer majors.
  3. If you have time after learning one of the other mentioned programming languages, taking the time to learn JavaScript + HTML 5 + CSS wouldn't be a bad idea at all!

    At the college I go to, my instructor for my SEO (Search Engine Optimization) class is a software engineer, but he also has self employed himself by creating websites for businesses as well as for people for personal use. Not only that, but he uses SEO techniques to market his client's websites on the web so that they can be found in a search engine.

    Bottom line: focus on a high-level programming language like what cosmo77 mentioned. Then, if you are ambitious later in life and want to make some easy extra bucks on the side, take up web development coding.
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