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What I need to do:
1. Play my PS2 on my monitor*
2. Record gameplay (Direct Audio + Video)**
3. Have game sounds playing via desktop 2.0 speakers***
4. Be able to play music via foobar2000 without uplugging anything via same 2.0 desktop speakers****

* I have purchased a VGA switchbox to do just this. It's includes Video RCA Inputs/VGA Outputs (

** I need to record the direct audio rather than the ambient audio from the speakers. Do conventional video recording software allow you to select which video outputs to use (VGA, DVI, HDMI? DP?)

*** I require audio coming out of the speakers whilst I'm playing. I would settle for using headphones but really would rather the audio played out of the speakers

**** Meaning I cannot use the primary sound output on the motherboard (Back of PC) for the RCA-Jack (From PS2) cable to go into

I have purchased some RCA stacker to split the PS2 signal into 2 separate lanes
And a coupler

Starting from the source, I will plug the 2 L+R Audio RCA wires coming out of the PS2 into this coupler. In the other ends of this coupler, I will plug the stackable RCA's. Now this I where I get confused with my options and what is possible audio wise in this setup

I'm just wondering is it possible to have game sounds played via speakers, sound inputted into PC (from PS2) for recording, and music played via foobar2000 without unplugging anything?

Will I need a small 4 channel mixer? A USB soundcard? Can I acheive this with a external audio interface? What's are my best option(s)?

Cheers, Frank
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  1. Hi there,
    Regarding the sound, you could plug one of the RCA lanes using a adapter into the "Line in" on the computer and record it that way and then that will also play via the speakers too because the computer will reproduce the sounds via the line in, so plug the speakers into the computer to listen too it whilst recording.
    For the video, you could plug one monitor into the switchbox (via vga) and then the other you could use a "VGA capture card" via the pci lane on the computer so the computer will then capture and record the audio and the video at the same time.
    You can find some of these on ebay by searching "Vga Capture card"
    Hope this helps! if you have any question feel free to ask.
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