How to disable Secure Boot in Windows 8?

Guys, I just bought Lenovo Ideapad Z510 Laptop with Windows 8 preinstalled in it.
Now, I want to dual boot my laptop with Windows 7. Although I am not sure but I read somewhere that disabling the Secure boot will allow me to install Windows 7 on my laptop with Windows 8 already installed. So, if it is true than how do I disable secure boot and if not then please help me to make my laptop dual boot.
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  1. Access your BIOS. The setting will be found (and disabled) there. Be sure to save/apply after making the change.
  2. Hi

    Try booting up from windows 7 DVD or USB

    If you get an error message about windows disk not containing an authorised operating system you know secure boot is on ( in Uefi bios)

    You need to make space by shrinking a partition unless you already have a drive partitioned into c: & d:

    Gparted live Linux cd image can do this for you if you only have a c: partition

    Mike Barnes
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