1080p IPS or 1440p 27" monitor?

I just got a new gaming rig with GTX 760 and i5 4570, 8 gigs of RAM etc. Nothing special.

I'm wondering if I should get a 1440p 27" monitor or 1080p IPS. I've had (and still have) and iMac 27", so I'm worried 1080p will look awful and grainy to me as I'm used to high res.

But I'm also afraid that my computer would not handle games at 1440p.

Which one would you recommend?
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  1. Ultimately it will be user preference....

    For me, I would rather have a 1080p monitor, maybe 120Hz+. I think that setup better suits the GTX 760 also. But some game genres like RPG's and open world MMOs can make great use of 1440p. If you are more of an FPS player, a 1080p monitor can make you feel a bit more accurate in aiming. The 760 can produce 1440p images but you might want something a little beefier at that resolution. At 1080p the GTX 760 will tear it up =)
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