Looking to upgrade my rig: 780 or 780Ti? Should I wait for Maxwell? Other alternatives?

Hi Tom's Hardware,

Looking at an upgrade to my rig at some point in the near future, something along the lines of a 780 or a 780Ti, but am not sure if the price difference is worth the performance increase achieved by the 780Ti. Would waiting for Maxwell be sensible? Anything that could produce similar performance to a 780 (no AMD)?

I play predominantly Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4 and Skyrim (heavily modded) at 1920x1020 at 120Hz.

My current rig is as follows:
i7 3770K 3.5GHz
MSI Lightning 7970 3GB
16GB Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz
Asrock Extreme4 Z77
CM HAF 922
Windows 8.1

Thanks in advance
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    I upgraded from gtx 670 to gtx 780 and the difference in performance is huge. For you it'll be pretty much the same, as the 7970 and gtx 670 are 'bout the same(give-or-take). At that resolution you'll play everything at highest settings at over 60fps. The Asus gtx 670 I had was perfect for 1080, for me, but I'm getting a 1440 monitor, so I needed the upgrade. I say, get it when you need it, don't wait for whatever may come out, whenever it may come out...
  2. Which 780 did you get?
  3. I got the Gigabyte GTX 780 Ghz.
  4. Was thinking about the EVGA 780 classified... Anyway man, appreciate the advice.
  5. No problem! That Classified would kick ass!
  6. I hope so!
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