Voltage exceeds recommended, is this a problem?

Hi there,
Im currently building a new PC however im using PC part picker and it says:

Kingston Beast 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory operating voltage of 1.65V exceeds the Intel Haswell CPU recommended maximum of 1.5V+5% (1.575V). This memory module may run at a reduced clock rate to meet the 1.5V voltage recommendation, or may require running at a voltage greater than the Intel recommended maximum.

Will this be a problem or should i change the RAM?
Here's the link where it says it;
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    You should be fine. The voltage that the RAM reports and the voltages that Intel tests on its CPUs are different.

    This explains it:
  2. While it shouldn't be a problem, I avoid 1600 sticks that call for 1.65, can be indicative of weak memory chips, after all about 90% of all 1600 sticks, ncluding high perforce CL7 and 8 sticks require 1.5 or less...generally I look at 1.5 through 1866 (sonme 1866 with a CL8 are candidates for 1.6 or 1.55), but 1.65 is more attuned to 2133 and higher sticks
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