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Hey guys im new here, i decided to try and make a vlan network with softphones and each end device and a PBX server above the router but have come across a huge issue. Im using cisco routers but have gotten to a standstill. the switches on the right side will not connect and i dont know how to mak the vlans work and they all go through two switches and im real confused. i hope im making sense :( please dont laugh at me hahah any help would be

I have a picture of what my network looks like atm, i am using packet tracer

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    Have you set up your trunk ports on the switches so they can carry the different VLAN's?
  2. Thanks man i did all that and it worked hahah but now i changed that topology and its not working at ALL :( would you be able to help again :D sorry for taking so long to reply!
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