What the worth of this laptop now?

Samsung NB300E5E

Still in warranty for 6 months, without any damage or scratches.

15,6 screen
- Intel Core i3-3210M - 2,5GHZ;
- 4GB DDR3 - one slot left open
- 500GB DISK;
- AMD Radeon HD 8750M;
- Bluetooth,
- VGA, HDMI, 3x Usb 2.0;
- batery like new 2hrs +
- windows 8

I was thinking about 350-400€ what you guys think?
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums!

    $300 to $400 is a good price and fair to both the buyer as well as the seller!
  2. I agree with Ubrales, I would say ask around 325 and you should be able to find a buyer rather easily, you could ask more but may have to sit on it for a while.
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    I'd say $300 would be best bet. It offers a low quality graphics card which is the best thing about this. Otherwise i3, 4gb ram and 500gb hhd are really low end. I bought a Toshiba i3 haswell, 8gb ram, 1tb ssd with 32gb ready cashe, but no dedicated graphics for $250 brand new a few months ago.
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