Upgrade Old eMac powerpc g4 (3.3) to windows 7 and replace internals?

well my parents have an old eMac PowerPC G$ (3.3), and I had a great idea! replace the internals and get windows 7/8 for it does anyone think this would work, I have a buget of 1000$ and would be working on this after Summer is over as I will have money from my job then. Is this rendered impossible because it is PowerPC, and are there any parts I could reuse, like the disk tray?

Edit 1: I would mainly use this for PC gaming if it works
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  1. Not really worth it is my opinion.
    The case is limited in size, and while it may be nice to look at it is probably not worth it. Trust me i have an iMac G3.
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    and I had a great idea! replace the internals

    So all you'll really be keeping is the case. Not worth the hassle.
    You'll spend more money trying to forcefit things into that case than just getting a new $50 case.
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