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I am looking for the best build around $400 and a little over (No more that $450 and not including os or accessories) to give me the best gaming performance for games on good settings 1080p. I already have a free corsair 430w, so the psu can be ruled out if it has enough watts to run the whole system. Right now my current build is:

All this totals in around $450. Is there a better build for my budget? Do I need a CD burner? Will the 430w power supply fit?
Sorry for all my questions but Thanks
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    i approve this build :)
    corsair cx430 will absolutely fit

    btw there is a Radeon 260X 2Gb version on sale, only $100
  2. no offense but high settings at 1080p would require a gpu around $300, that's like your build right there
  3. Honestly NO. First off 430W is low and not enough for most gamer card PLUS all the hardware in the system it also has to power, normally your looking at over 500W to about 600W depending on the card and model. Secondly NO "gaming performance for intense games on high settings 1080p" (which would be a 64Man Map on BF4 as a example of 'intense gaming') can be provided for only $400, some gamer cards alone are $300, and a base 'off the shelf' computer (say a i3) is $249 without even the PSU upgrade to support that. Lastly a normal system to meet those requirements is MINIMALLY $700, which would be a i5 based system, 8GB RAM, 600GB HDD, DVD, PSU for a GPU you have to buy both separately.

    If your set on $400 then spend your money on a console. You will ALWAYS get "gaming performance for intense games on high settings 1080p" no matter the game. For example people whom bought a intense game back 10 years ago (PS3/Xbox 360) STILL can play the newest titles as equally well performance for intense games on high settings 1080p. In PC terms (replacement every 5 years) that is two full computer systems replaced out to meet the current platform at that level.
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