need Help with steam game support for dark souls

I recently bought dark souls prepare to die edition on steam and every time i open it the game crashes, I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it still crashes, and when I checked the integrity of the game cache it says "2 files failed to validate and be reacquired" any suggestions? And if I can't fix it can I delete it and get refunded
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  1. I also checked if it meets minimum game requirements, but I don't know if some things do or not
  2. Have you updated your graphics drivers? Otherwise did you have steam install the missing files?
  3. steam updated one of the 2 and the other's download failed at 99% and it wont let me redownload it. and I don't know what graphic drivers are or how to update them.
  4. Do you know what graphics card you have?
  5. no how do i check
  6. click on the windows/start button and type in "dxdiag" without the "" marks into the run/search bar (windows 7) or into the run diaglog box for XP. This should pop up a window with your system's information. You will find your graphics card info on the display tab. This info is sometimes incomplete but it would be a start.
  7. it doesnt have a graphics card label but it says intel(R)HD Graphics 3000
    and the chip type is: intel(R)HD Graphics family. so i dont know if that is what you are talking about
  8. Ahh that might actually be your problem. If it says intel HD graphics 3000, then that means you are using the onboard graphics and not a graphics card. I looked it up and other people can play Dark Souls on the HD 3000 but it might need an update.

    Try going to this site (intel's website) and finding some updated drivers for your windows version.
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    If that does not work then it is probably a steam related problem and you would have more luck finding an answer on the steam forums where someone else probably had the same problem. For me, when I had a similar issue with at different game it was my graphics drivers.
  10. im downloading it now so we'll see soon enough
  11. thank you so much the game is running now, i swear i never would have thought about the graphics chip
  12. No Problem. Don't forget to pick best solution :)
  13. so it worked for about an hour then i exited and came back and its not working again
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