Re-installing windows but have a second hard drive with all the programs


I was wondering whether re installing windows means I must re install every software I had before, even if they are in a separate drive(not the hard drive I install windows on). And if not, do I need to do something special after re installing windows in order for it to recognize that there are programs in the second drive.

Thank You!
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  1. Most likely yes. Programs install entries into the registry, copy files to the Windows folder, the System folder, and other folders and without those files or registry entries, the program won't work. Most likely you will have to reinstall all of them.
  2. You would be better off reinstalling the programs and some, if not all, of the programs will require you to reinstall them for them to work properly. Since you are reinstalling Windows you will have a new registry and the programs that were previously installed (before the reinstall of Windows) will not be in the new registry.
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    This is what I would do. Reinstalling Windows Instructions, without losing files!!!

    1. Get access to another computer
    2. Get a blank 4GB or more USB
    3.Install Unetbootin on the computer
    4. Once installed look for Select Distribution choose Parted Magic [Latest]
    5.Use Unetbootin to burn the iso on the USB
    6. Once completed boot from in you computer that is not working.
    7. Once in the Operation System open Gparted
    8. Use Gparted to the resize the Partition that is your computer C: Drive (look it up on youtube if you don't get this part)
    9. Partition the Unallocted Space to NTFS format.
    10. Exit the OS
    11. And Reinstall windows on the new partition

    Sound difficult but its not lol.
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