My product key isn't working but it was how do I get my product key back in which it was bought for my pc and I just want it b

My product key was working and now it's not it says put product key in but it want accept my key and it's the product key that come with my computer so how do I get a lost key back on your pc?? I need it on it I'm not to use my computer until I get the product key to take I need help with this problem.. It's not right that it want take the key that was with it and working..
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  1. Is it saying that it isn't valid or is it requesting that you call the Microsoft phone system to validate?
  2. If its a windows key, than you will have to go to microsoft support, as its probably an OEM windows key. If its another piece of software you should go to the support of whoever made the said software.
  3. In the bottom right corner it say's not genuine windows I don't know what I did to loose it I bought this laptop from a lady & used it about a yr & I messed it up how do I make it take my product key it's for the lap top?
  4. If the product key was the OEM one for you're laptop, you're not allowed to use that on any other machine.

    Sometimes it works but gets revoked later.
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