Turned computer on and got this error TLDR: Couldn't open drive multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)

My mother turned in her computer on day befor yesterday and got this error. The last thing she did / or saw was the windows update msg telling her not to turn her computer off during updates. We use this computer to save pictures and docs and such so it's not turned on daily but it has valuable info on it. My father passed this year and a lot of precious memories are on this computer. I know a few things about computers and have done tech support b 4 but YEARS ago!!! Yikes . So I can probably fix it if I knew why it's doing this. Lol. I've been looking everywhere and only see this erred for people who have reloaded their computer or added new hardware so I'm at a loss. She has Xp home edition on hp hardware can anyone help me or head me in the right direction? I have triedt to boot with an Xp cd and same error. Thanks n advance.
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    NTLDR is the file that sits in the root of your C:\ drive and literally loads the system when you power up. You can find a copy in another XP system or in your own files in c:\windows\service pack files\i386 folder. If you take a copy from another system, you can then parachute it into the affected system using a flash drive and a Command Prompt from your XP CD.

    Your XP CD is clearly not being recognised when you try to boot from it. Either you aren't changing the BIOS option to boot from CD first, you miss the message about which Function key to press to change the boot order or you miss the message that says "Press any key to boot from CD.

    The other files, photos, etc., in the system will not have been affected by this frequent occurrence so if you took the opportunity to upgrade to Windows 7, they could easily be transferred over.
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