I am experiencing FPS drops that are definitely hardware related, I have a GTX 660 running on a MSI 760GM-P23(FX) (MS-7641)

Hey, so I have a question. I recently upgraded my GPU to a GTX660, but when I play games my Frames drop every five minutes and stay below 15 FPS or so, for about a minute. So i put my old card in (GTX 610) and while the Frames are obviously lower, I don't experience any major drops. I have narrowed the problem down to either a damaged GPU or maybe the fact that my motherboard is too old. My motherboard is an MSI 760GM-P23(FX). Can someone who knows a little more about this give me their opinion? Thanks!
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  1. When you put in the 660 did you reinstall the drivers?

    Also what are your temps while playing?
  2. Yes I re installed the drivers, and my temps are at a table 40-45C, but while checking these i noticed that while playing the game, my CPU temp would sky-rocket to crazy temps. the highest i saw was 203C. Which is impossible, so it may be a broken sensor that's telling my computer to stop processes because it thinks my temps are too high? Do you have any suggestions on how to solve this? Because it would stay there it would just jump for a minute or so, then it would go back down. So it's pretty obvious that this is what has been causing my frame drops.
  3. Thats kind of odd. I would try checking it with a couple more temp monitoring programs. CPU-Z and HW-monitor at the very least.
  4. Same thing with HW-moniter. I am using a the Intel burn test and my temps rise to about 60C then all of the sudden they jump to "255C" which i know isn't really happening, it makes me think that one of the sensors is broken.

    This is a link to a thread that looks to be the exact same problem that I am having, although they don't seem to have figured anything out either.
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    Hmm, yeah. While not common temp sensors can be completely wrong. But the good news is that (from what I've read) they either swing way out of line one way or the other and aren't just a little off. (temps way to high/low to be normal)

    What I'd recommend is to first check that it is indeed throttling by running a game and having CPU-Z open somewhere where you can see it and make sure its actually downclocking the CPU when you get the lag spikes.

    If so, contact AMD and see what they say.

    Oh, one more thing, what are your idle temps? Are they the same in windows as they are in the bios? (more or less the same anyhow, windows adds a bit of load, not much though.)
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