Upgrade Future-Proof PC

Here are the components;
Intel® Pentium® Processor G3220
Asus H81M-C Motherboard
Corsair Memory — 4GB DDR3 Memory (CMV4GX3M1A1333C9)

Note : Parts from my current (8 Year old) PC;
Western Digital SATA 160GB HDD
Bestec ATX30012z (300W) PSU
8600GT DDR2 512MB
HP m7550kr stock Casing (mATX)

Questions I require assistance from professionals in;
1.Are all the parts compatible?

2. Are the new parts okay for $152.96 ?

3. Is this setup okay for playing new games if i get a graphics card upgrade? If so what card would you suggest that is not bottle-necked by the G3220.(Preferably around the $50-130 range)

4.Is the setup future upgrade proof for around 3 years (meaning will the components not go obsolete for around 3years) ?

5. Will an upgrade to an SSD with this setup boot Windows 8 in under 20s?

6. How much longer will the 1150 socket last before it becomes last-gen?

7. Is my PSU enough for the listed parts?
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  1. Best answer
    1 they are compatible
    2. they are fine for the price
    3. no. the pentium will bottleneck nearly all gpu, even in your price range. save up for at least the i3-4330, and the gpu i would suggest in that price range is the gtx 750
    4. no setup is future proof. especially with you using lower performance parts. generally technology turnaround time is about 2 years now if you are paying for high end. the turnaround time is even shorter with low end parts
    5. it is very likely that an ssd will boot in under 20 seconds. but personally i hate windows 8
    6. 1150 will become last gen near the end of this year when the new gen comes out
    7. That psu isn't fit to run a cell phone (well it is, but you get the analogy of how bad it is) It will be fine if you are not using a gpu, but you will have to upgrade if you ever want to use a discrete gpu with the system
  2. 1. Would you rather I sell my GPU and buy a better PSU?
    2. Could you suggest a build for Rs.20000/=(Processor and Motherboard) from these two websites

    provided i buy the RAM later
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