Trying to install a case fan for CPU ( Cant find sys fan 2 )

I just got my cooler master xtraflo case fans x2, One i am installing on my side panel to keep my GPU cool, and one i want to install it at the back of my case but here comes the problem, I fund "sys fan 1" but i cannot find änother 4 pin connector in which the PWM wire will attach, There is a system fan 2 but it is only 3 pin while i need a 4 pin one,

My motheboard is Gigabyte 970a Dsp3, and here is the image of my motherboard

See the "sys fan 2" is at the extreme left but it is only 3 pin.
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    You can put a 4-pin fan on a three pin header, you just won't be able to control it quite as accurately.
  2. You can install a PWM fan on a 3-pin Header just leave one of the end pins (Google it, can't remember which colour wire) off the end of the header and it will work just fine.

    beware though this will make the fan run at full speed and that can be quite noisy :)
  3. Will it cause any problems later on?, Like burning the motherboard or something like that?, Is there any connectors which connect 4 pin to 3 pin?

    ( I am the OP, was using friends lappie so used his id)
  4. One question. Is it a four-pin fan like the plugs on the PSU, or four-pin like the CPU fan?

    If it's like the CPU fan, you can just leave one pin hanging like the bottom image here.
  5. its like the CPU fan, I read that the 4th pin is for fan speed control and fans speed will be the highest if it not connected, Will it damage my fan in any case?
  6. No, perfectly fine. No danger, as long as it's the right way around.

    You should be able to control it, but not as well as if it was PWM. Only as well as any three pin fan.
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