okay my on board sound is not working help please

i have a asus cross-hair v formula z

and i have my blue ray home theater system hookup up to pc through a 3.5 jack it did work until this morning turned PC on
and the hd audio manager is gone from control panel and i looked at device manager not there only my video card audio is there which works no problem but that through HDMI which i do not want

so i also tried installing / uninstalling the oldest to latest drivers from the site as well as the disc
and still no pop up when i plug in the 3.5 mm jack or anything in control panel or device manager

so i tried everything i know well except fresh instatll of windows but do not really want to do that i just re dowloaded and installed all 132 of my games and i would have to re update and re download them that will take another week to do just to long

anyway any suggestions

and would buying a sound card fix this?
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    No necessary to change one before you ensure that the old sound car and sound driver are excellent without damage.
  2. pretty vague answer thanks for the input tho (:

    and no need for anymore answers i am just going to buy

    a new Motherboard Since i just ordered the i7-4770k since it was on sale

    so with new board = no sound problems
    old board on the other hand i fix it at some other time when needed
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