Backup Windows folder with NTFS permissions

What tool(s) can I use perform the above? I'm about to finish a fresh install of Win7, and I want to backup my Windows folder and %username%/ntuser.* files with their ntfs permissions, so if (heh - when) my system gets borked in a few months I can get back to a clean state without spending hours staring at windows installing and updating - assuming I have the same hardware of course.

And no, I don't trust System Restore as far as I can throw it, and I don't want a drive image either. All I want are archives of my Windows folder and user registry that I can burn to bluray, and use something like SystemRescueCD to restore from later. I would use FSArchiver from that, but by the looks of it, it only backs up and restores whole file systems, and I need more granularity than that.

I'm also going to take an image of my boot partition, obviously, but that part's easy.

Unfortunately, backups and rescue discs in general are such a popular topic that google returns pages of useless results for all the queries I've tried, and I haven't seen an answer on the forum search either :( Also, just to be clear: backing up my actual data is a separate issue, and not a problem.
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  1. I'll have to check, but I believe that Syncback will do it correctly.

    However, you'll want to copy the Program Files too, because the registry will be thoroughly broken if you don't take most of that stuff too.

    I'd suggest splitting the drive in two (OS/programs and data), and imaging the first x GB of the drive.
  2. Thanks for your reply, and yes, if I can find something that works I'll backup Program Files too.

    Unfortunately Syncback can't deal with the open files in the Windows folder, and if it's run from a different install of Windows it munges the permissions.

    I suspect what I need is a linux livecd based option: I know the ntfs-3g driver can understand NTFS permissions etc., the problem being that so far the only utility I've found that respects them is FSArchiver, which only deals with whole filesystems.
  3. So, googling for DAR and NTFS led me to a site where someone mentioned imagex, which looks like being the closest available solution for my case. For once, the Microsoft solution might be the right one!

    Theoretically, I make a WinPE disk, run sysprep /generalize over my install, reboot and imagex my windows partition to make a restorable windows install that contains all current updates and customizations, and just wants reactivating and one or two external drivers installing.

    Currently downloading the 1.7GB WAIK, just so I can be sure I've got a legitimate, clean copy of imagex. sigh. I'll update as to whether this solves my issue.

    I must note: this is not actually making a backup of my system (in the sense of an exact copy), but rather creating a restore disk capable of installing Windows in a very similar state to the state I currently have it in. However, it should serve my original needs. Fingers crossed.
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