Problem with 2 windows 8 computers communicating over wireless network.

Good day.

I'm working with 3 windows 8 desktops (we'll call them main, emp1, and emp2) connected by wireless to a Netgear AC range wireless router. These are for a friends small business, with the network being used mainly to allow all 3 computers to work on the same quickbooks file (a commercial edition, the files are stored on their main pc). Everything has been working fine for the last year, with all three computers having full access to the others.

My issue is this; off the three computers, emp1 can no longer connect to files stores on main. Everything else works, emp1 can connect to emp2, emp2 connects to both, and main connects to both. The problem is one way only.

While working on the issue using various support posts i found on google; I ran an ip config on main which gave an address ending .1.7 . When i try to ping main from emp1, it shows an ip ending in .1.15 . If i use explorer to connect to the ip ending in 1.7 i can connect.

This is where I stall out. Most of my research leads to detailed steps up to this point, then a few theories or a seeming alphabet soup of letters with little detail (I'm mostly self trained in technology). Does this sound like an issue with emp1, or is it a router based issue? I'm kind of in the dark at this point.

I've doing some research on my issue but haven't been able to find a solution yet. This forum has always been a godsend when trying to fix problems, so i was hoping you guys could help me with this one.
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    The issue is a how the IP is resolved to Main from Emp1. Is there a host file with am entry on EMPL1 for Main pointing it to 1.15? It sounds like DHCP gave out IP adresses, and at some point Main got handed a new IP address(from 1.15 to 1.7), and EMP1 still looks at 1.15 to find Main.
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