Internet Slow on all Devices, Yet multiple speed Test and ISP say its fine.

Randomly the internet reverts back to the 90's and goes full snail on me. Game/websites everything is unbelievably slow. YET i will test it on multiple sites and it says it still 15up and 2d.
While its incredibly slow. Its like this on ALL the computers and devices and on different browsers.

called my ISP and i pinged them and she said that was fine. then i ping a website and kept getting request timed out. even tho i can get on them. She said it not in there control.

The internet slowly comes back over about and 2-3 hours.

Any help would be GREAT
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  1. when you do speedtest pick a server far far away from you and see if it still 15up/2d.
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    Change DNS servers - try adding (Google Open DNS) to your system.
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