Trouble installing new Nvidia drivers, having BSOD

I have a GeForce GT 740M (2GB). When I download any driver and install it, my PC shows BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death). I tried to download an automatic Nvidia driver update but it failed. I want to install the latest driver for my graphic card, help. Any suggestion is appreciated.
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    I had this same problem this go-around. This was the first time I ever had trouble installing Nvidia drivers. I attempted to update through the Geforce Experience software and it took a peculiarly long time. After about 10 minutes, I decided screw this and it messed up everything. I ended up having to boot up, remove all Nvidia software using add/remove programs (if you choose the Nvidia driver through the add/remove, it should take care of everything). Reboot when prompted and then install from the driver from the executable.

    If it weren't for firing up shadowplay through it, I wouldn't run Geforce Experience at all.
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