Will an Corsair H105 fit in the NZXT H440?

I had recently ordered the NZXT H440 and the Corsair H105(38mm thick) with 2 additional Corsair SP120 fans (25mm thick) and I am wondering if they fit in the case with an msi gd65-gaming mobo
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  1. It will fit in the top, but you won't be able to fit more than one set of fans on it (And even then you will be cutting it extremely close to hitting the heatsinks on your motherboard. worst case cenario is you just drill new holes half an inch towards the direction of the front side panel which will allow you to mount it with no problem (is an easy process)
  2. Any video tutorial on how to do this?
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    Logic my friend, just lay a piece of paper over the radiator, and poke holes where the screws would go, then transfer that paper to the case and drill the holes in the appropriate locations (might wanna use a ruler, and remember that pencil lines can be erased)
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