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like bt ect and they are rubbish !
I have an xbox one and when i do the multiplayer connection test it tells me my nat type is open and that all services are working but when i go on Call of Duty ghosts it says my Nat type is strict and this is very annoying to have as many of you probally know. I have tried port forwaring but unseccessfully so i was wondering if one people can help me with this issue ? Mabey what ports neeed to be open and he;lp doing so ?
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  1. I used to use a dlink router and had the exact same issue you are having. I bought a Linksys router and never had an issue afterwards.

    You need to go into your router and see if there is an option to turn off the NAT. If not, there may be a user name and password you can use to sign into your router that will allow you to change more advanced settings. Usually your ISP are the only ones that can provide you the information though. If you google search your model router for the ISPs user name and password you may find it though. :)
  2. So what do you want me to do sorry and while i was waiting i found all the ports i needed so mabey you can tell me this i have the port buy need to select a device how do i know hich device my xbox one is as it are all just numbers and letters.
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    You can get your xbox id from the xbox menu system. If you want the easy way then just have your xbox hooked up so it's the only device showing in your router settings.

    What I was saying is that most likely your router has a user name and password that only the ISP has access to. This will be different from the one you are currently using most likely, and will give you more options once logged into the router, You may be able to change NAT settings that way, without the need for port forwarding. In order for you to get this user name and password, either your ISP will have to provide you with it, or you can google search for your router model number and grab the actual admin user name and password that the ISP uses that way. That's what I did once upon a time. They are usually pretty easy to find.
  4. thamks i will try that
  5. thamks i will try that
  6. Where can i get the id from the xbox one please ?
  7. It was in the system settings/info section on the xb 360, so I assume it would be located in the same place on the xb1. I don't own one, so I'm not really sure.
  8. I'm not sure if you read through this yet, but if not it may help you fix your issue:
  9. My xbox nat is fine so that page didnt help but thanks and i still cant find out which one it is though so annoying !
  10. What make and model is your router/modem? Maybe I can do a little digging for you.
  11. bt home hub 2 thanks !
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