What is the best folder locking software?

what are the best free folder locking softwares for win7.Like folder lock software.
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    Paid Software , but it's the best.

    Folder lock.
  2. Most of the Folder locking softwares expecting users to go for premium version. Except this free folder locker... i luv it..
  3. I try folder locking years ago but I give up.
    I really hope to do it again.
    OK. I love folder protection software with manage to hide folders or use some tricks to make them inaccessible
    But when I use some utilities like scan disk or chkdsk. it would correct Partition table correct the folder and all my files under the locked folder or hidden folder are Gone!
    so I don't use them anymore.
    So can someone tell me present software are more secure or some more modern utilities or partition software still override them/
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