My new PC build is not sending a video signal to my monitor, thus rendering me unable to view the BiOS

Motherboard: ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0
Graphics card: XFX 7870

I will describe my exact situation:

-HDMI cable going from graphics card to monitor (Yes it's on the right input)
-When PSU I/O switch is in the ON position, green light on motherboard lights up (Nothing is running at this point, just the LED is on. Indicating a standby condition)
-Motherboard has no physical outputs for connection to a monitor
-When system is powered ON, all the fans kick on as they should.
-No signal is being received by monitor
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  1. Or basically made sure that you connected PCIe power from the PSU to the card, both connectors?
  2. That^ and made sure the 4pin CPU connector is in?
  3. take your entire build out of the case. If you have dvi-cable, that might be helpful.
    Start by reconnecting everything, make sure your gpu is sitting firmly in slot x16 nearest to cpu. Connect your keyboard to motherboard and monitor to your gpu. Check the pcie connectors, hoping you are connecting 2 of the 6-pin connectors in the gpu power source. Re-seat your ram, check with single ram. Make sure you really don't have any bent pins of your processor. Connect the power supply to motherboard and cpu connector. Power up the psu. Does it show anything? Press NumLock key on your keyboard, is the light on keyboard for NumLock turning on and off?

    Next step is to clear your CMOS and recheck.
  4. Have you got a Beep Speaker installed to indicate that the mobo has posted?

    And that checklist braboy pointed to is good - have a look at it.
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