Cloning different block sizes?

I recently bought a new hard drive. a 750gb wd black, 7200 rpm with 16 mb cache to replace my 320gb hitachi, 5400 rpm with 8 mb cache.
I tried to clone my old drive to the new one, but i keep getting this error message saying cloning drives with different block sizes is not supported. Im not entirely sure what this means, but ive cloned many hard drives before and ive never had this error message. Can anyone help me?
I was reading online that it is possible to clone them but if the block sizes are different it could result in bad performance in my new drive? Im not sure myself and i cant seem to find much info on it, so im looking for other opinions.
Any help is appreciated
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    Get something like Clonezilla and use that. It is just complaining because your drive sizes are different and it doesn't know how to deal with that. Clonezilla should have no problems with that and it is free.
  2. Did you try formatting your new drive before cloning it?
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