What are these devices to auto powercycle modems and routers to gain Faster Internet by clearing the router cache?

Ive been on the net and computers for quite a while. I have never heard of this. Please explain to me how buying a device to plug my modem and router into so it can auto power cycle on a timer will increase my net speeds. I have never heard of clearing a router cache to speed things up (for home use). I disagreed with the product and called it a scam, and got like 6 thumbs down and no thumbs up. Also these 'experts' also disagreed that I can leave computers on for days at a time and they still run 10 years later so I kinda came here to confirm that I am right more than anything.

I mean not only do I constantly play with tech while others watch tv and bow down to their masters wishes and wants 24/7. I have worked in this field, so while I could have slept thru training I didnt and power cycling modems to gain speed is NOT something a normal person should experience; at least for the first 15 years I was on the net. Please explain to me that im not crazy and im the only one who understands whats going on, or what im missing?
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  1. I have not heard of these devices but at least on my router, doing a power cycle and clearing the cache slows things down. The cache is there to speed things up. I don't see how that could ever speed it up unless maybe the cache was full or corrupt or something.
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    We leave commercial equipment on all the time both routers and servers. I have some large core switches that are getting close to 4 years since we last reloaded them. Consumer equipment should be able to run continuously also. About the only thing that fails are power supplies which is why most commercial servers have 2 so you can replace one without shutting down.

    Properly designed software should never need to be restarted to clear cache or memory.

    We do have PDU in the racks that we can remotely power cycle the outlets for most our equipment but the only time I have seen it used was to test to be sure power supplies fail over correctly.
  3. Well, Have at it boys. I done let them know I think they are retarded, but Im very outnumbered here. I dislike these (often china based) companies always selling things like passive vga to hdmi cables. I was actually responding to a poster who found the comments odd. I notice many of these products seem to just pay like 50$ to get 12 feedback posted.
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