Lag every 3ish seconds

I have a brand new gaming laptop with the Killer network app. All I've installed so far on it is Diablo 3.

When I play the game it lags every 3 seconds, and when I talk on skype it skips out a little bit of their voice every 3-4 seconds, even when Diablo is not running.

If I plug in with an ethernet cable then both the game and skype work fine.

I'm using windows 8.1 and I've never used it before (I just got this comp yesterday). I have no idea where to even start looking, though I do know how to get to the networking panel in the control panel,

Any advice? What other details should I be giving you?
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  1. A couple of other details:

    I don't have an antivirus yet so that wouldn't be causing it (I'm positive I didn't get a virus in the last day).

    I'm using a solid state drive to run windows and the game.

    I have lots of RAM, processing power, etc.
  2. 1st step with many wifi issues is uninstalling then reinstalling network drivers, try doing this first to rule that out. Even though this is a brand new laptop this still may be the case.

    2nd. How far are you located away from the router? Can you try moving closer to the router in a more direct path of the signal? Does this fix the issue?

    3. Are other laptops in your house having the same issue? yes ? check try a master reset on the router. Still nothing post below.
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