Deleted+formatted Partitions Data Recovery

By mistake, I've formatted my all partitions and then all partitions became one drive. On that drive, I installed new windows...
Can I recover my data ??
Please help.... :(
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  1. anonymous1 said:
    If you said "all my data" I would say clearly No. Yes some data may be retrieved is it really worth it?

    Yes, it's important data... It's my almost 4 years study material :(
    Please, help me to how to recover data :( :(
  2. try a demo of R-Studio Data Recovery. If you happen to see your lost files, purchase a copy. Plus it's a lot cheaper than disassembling your computer and sending it to an IT professional. Worst case scenario, if it's a large HDD, it's best to scan while you're making dinner or going to bed because it takes about 2 hours or more to scan a drive. Also invest in an external or internal drive and image your drive with R-Studio Image Drive to another drive or DVD's or use Farstone Total Commander Pro Or maybe just Farstone RESTOREIT (which makes incremental backups of your OS, far better than windows restore). Good luck!
  3. I've used software, "Recover My files". While scanning, it has shown lot of my files that can be recovered. But, Problems are, I don't have key for this software and files are of smaller size now :( (e.g my file of 2 GB is now being shown as just 200MB etc) .
    Can I recover my complete files from these smaller size files??
  4. if your drive does not have physical damage yet. I suppose you just need the right software to be used to recover your data. Doing more trial and error on different data recovery programs might lead you to permanent data loss.
  5. I had encountered the same problem last week. and solve it by minitool power data recovery
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