New pc, blue screen of death?

This may be long, but here goes the story.

I recently decided i wanted to build my own pc after owning several different lap tops in the past to play my games on. This was my first build ever, but watched newegg's youtube videos on assembly and got it working my first try. I purchased all of my parts at Microcenter on Friday, 3/28/14 and promptly put it together the next day.

It worked fine all of sunday. I decided to move it from where I assembled it, onto my computer desk on monday. It then worked for about 2 hours and then blue screened and now i can't get it any farther in the boot than about 1-2 seconds before it restarts and tries again to boot and continues like this till I cut its power.

However about 5 hours later I opened it up and realized the heat sink fan was not spinning as I had not removed the cord from the clips on the side of the fan (first time builder problems?). This leads me to believe the processor (an intel i5 4670k) is now fried. It was powered on probably about 10 hours before the blue screen happened, and 10 hours without a heat sink fan running (i think, not positive, but I'm 90% sure it was not spinning).

After this, I opened the case up, unplugged and replugged everything in and got the power sink fan running this time, and it booted up and was nearly into my game, WoW before it blue screened again, and now constantly tries to start up and turns off as stated above. I did notice it running slower. I do not know what the blue screen error was.

Here I am writing this thread now. My questions I have about this situation is:

-Is the cpu fried and the cause of the blue screens, even though it worked for a few minutes once?
-Is this mishap covered on microcenter or intels warranties at all?
-Is there anything I can check to see if it is in fact fried?
-what else may be the cause of this?

Everything else seemed to work well when it did come on for ~3 minutes. Fans running, lights on mother board, graphics looking nice still (have a geforce 770 gpu).

This is probably a very nooby thing to have done and should feel bad, but I need an answer. Again, purchased everything about 4 days ago from microcenter.

Three hundred two mid tower gaming case
Intel i5-4670 3.4GhZ processor
Ga-Z87X-UD4H mother board
Corsair Vengeance 8gb (2x4) RAM
Samsung 120gb 6gb/s ssd
WD Blue 1tb 7200 RPM sata HDD
ASUS GeForce GTX 7702gb video card
Corsair CX Series CX750 750 watt watt ATX 12v psu
DRW-24B1st internal dvdr/rw burner
windows 7 os
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  1. Yes, damaged cpu will cause BSOD or not boot. But usually the system will shut down and save itself if the cpu is overheat. And if because the overheat kills the cpu, then you are out of luck because you will void the warranty on the processor. So 1st you can take out the cpu to see there is the burn marker or light brown color on the cpu or not, like in the link. and also check the cpu socket on the MB too.
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