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I own a ASUS 7970 Matrix Platinum which I purchased last October.
Right from the start I noticed occasional artifacts which I blamed on the game I was playing at that time since it was in beta.

Over time I started to notice that I would get artifacts in other games every few days. I asked on this forum and was told to use a program which would stress the card and show how many errors occurred.
I ran it and received a few thousand errors within a few minutes and found out that I should only be getting a few hundred errors within hours. Then I knew that my card was simply just faulty.

I tried contacting the seller since I had bought it just a few months ago and warranty should cover it but they're simply not replying.

I want to downclock my card to stock clocks since this will probably fix a lot of the issues. The Matrix Platinum range is always extremely overclocked at default so I need to know what the real default clocks are.
Here is a screenshot of GPU-Z if it helps answering the question. I tried googling but I just don't know if it's a normal 7970 or Ghz. It should be a Ghz but I want to be sure.
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    That's a GHz version. The stock clock on a 7970 is 925 core and 1125 memory
  2. The retailer has accepted to return the card for testing. I am positive that they will find it to be faulty.
    It is my first time "RMAing". What will they do if they agree that it is faulty? Will I get a refund in cash or a voucher? The card is no longer being sold, not even the chipset. They will agree to send out a card of similar price range?
  3. Depends on the store, may exchange (probable), unless with 30 days or so of purchase, doubt if they'll refund, possible open store credit
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