Looking to update my GTX650 Ti SC for something a little bit better.

I want to update my graphics card (GTX650TiSC) because I'm just not getting the FPS that I want. I have a $200ish budget for a new card.

Thought about maybe getting this?

My build :

AMD FX6300
M5A97 R2.0
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  1. The 270 is a great choice, and will be a pretty good upgrade. They generally overclock pretty well, and can get you High/Ultra in most games.
  2. Is that my best bet for that price? I could go a littttttle bit higher is something caught my eye.

    That card does seem like it has what I want.
  3. Hello, how are you? So to start, What is the make and the model of your power supply?
  4. HA! Forgot to mention that one.

    Corsair CX500
  5. Yeah then you will be fine r9 270 is a great card and will play all the games from ultra to high settings. Don't worry :) .
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    Yeah. You may be able to squeeze a 270x, but the 270 is essentially the same card, it's just binned lower. You'll see about 50% increase in gaming performance with the 270 over the 650 Ti, even more if you get a good overclocker :)
  7. Thank you all! :)
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