r9 290x crossfire vs gtx titan black sli vs gtx 690 sli vs radeon hd 7990 crossfire

r9 290x crossfire vs gtx titan black sli vs gtx 690 sli vs radeon hd 7990 crossfire

I am doing an extreme new rig and i was just wondering should i get r9 290x crossfire, gtx titan black sli, gtx 690 sli or radeon hd 7990 crossfire. I will be gaming at 4k and mostly be using my gpu for extreme gaming and video editing. Price isn't an issue for me but i do not want to be spending upwards of 3000 dollars (so no titan z).


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  1. Go for the AMD Radeon R9 290X CrossFire. The 290x alone is a total beast, hook 2 of them together and your practically unstoppable.
  2. The best value /performance right now would be a GTX 780Ti SLI. You would also need a PSU in the 1000 -1200 watt range.
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    terry4536 is right, sli 780ti is the best combination. From the cards you selecte, 290x makes the most sense. From a pure preformance stand point, titan black sli is the best, but kind of ridiculouly priced for few extra frames compared 780ti and 290x.

    Based on this I believe that you may end up reducing some setting during play of some games because you would be limited to 3GB on 780ti at 4k resolution.

    If you don't mind lowering some settings to meet this bottleneck at $1400 a pair then go with the 780ti. Otherwise the Titan blacks are your only choice at $2200 a pair

    7990 is crap btw.
  5. They are coming out with 6GB versions of GTX 780 and 780Ti soon.
  6. Google some reviews from the pro Reviewers. the answer I got was that the Xfx DD R9 290x Crossfire was equal to
    the gtx 780Ti Sli. But you will save a chunk of change with amd,

    Try this link:
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