PC crash monitor stops responding and i get sound loop / buzzing

I had this problem with my PC for few weeks now. i even changed my video card since my old one kept pretty high temperetures (not the limit to crash which is i think 129~) but around 90+ while playing something like dishonored on max graphics. so after changing it at first it seemed fine but it started happening again (pc crashes i get sound loop or buzzing and monitor stops responding with black screen) sometimes i can play longer than other times . its not instant or after specific time has passed. after crash computer becomes more sensitive (it takes thousand times less to crash it like opening multiple tabs on firefox) so i take out ram and place it keep it with power off for a while and it becomes more stable. im short on budget so finding out what i need to change would be great instead of changing evrything till i find problems orgin.
P.S more specific crash was yesterday then i tryed recording my in game footage with fraps. it recorded fine with 35fps but then i tryed 60fps while recording it started crashing. (Game without frams runs on 100~ fps)
My specs:
OS: Windows ultimate sp1 64bit
PSU: 400w
MB: Asrock g41m-vs3
Ram:4GB 400MHz single stick
Cpu: Intel core 2 duo e8200
Gpu: Asus hd 6670 2gb ddr3 (previously had saphire hd 4850 512mb)
Hdd:160gb (cant find more information)
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  1. it could be the power supply fault. The 12V rails could be failing or it is a bad power supply.
  2. is there a way if power supply at fault? i tryed running benchmarks but non of hardware were overheating or crashed pc
  3. The psu doesn't have to fail when at load, it could fail at idle. I personally had that problem before so i replaced my power supply but every build is different.
  4. The thing is then evrything is stable my pc crashes only on load. only after it crashes on load it starts crashing even idle . But its one of things im going try changing first
  5. There are several possibilities like bad sectors of your hard disk, problem with the registration of DLL files which are commonly used by Windows and programs.

    1. Double click My Computer desktop icon.
    2. Right click your disk drive, choose Properties.
    3. Click Tools tab -> Check Now button.

    If the problem still continues, follow the steps given here:

    1. Click Start -> All Programs -> Accessories.
    2. Right click Command Prompt.
    3. Select Run as administrator.
    4. Type the following commands-
    Regsvr32 ntdll.dll /u
    Regsvr32 ntdll.dll

    5. Close the window.
    6. Get this Quick-Fix and install it.
    7. Scan whole system, fix conflicting registration errors and entries.
    8. Reboot the PC.
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