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Do I need to install RAID drivers when loading Windows 7 if the system disk is not in a RAID array? I am planning to have the system disk be a single drive, and then have storage with RAID 1 for redundancy.

When I start the clean install, both drives (single system and the RAID array disk) are already visible to select.

Thank you.
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    No you only need to install RAID drivers during install if you are installing to the array.
  2. If the boot drive and the storage RAID drives are on the same controller then:
    1) set SATA configuration to RAID
    2) just connect the boot drive until you finished installing windows
    3) load the RAID driver at the beginning of the Windows 7 installation

    It is ok to have single drives in a RAID sata configuration. You only need to connect the drive, no need to fool with configuring RAID utility.
  3. If you use the intel system, you can install the win7 into a single HDD first, you can star to set the storage mode in raid or ahci in the BIOS, if you set the ahci mode you can switch to raid from ahci later too, then install the intel RST RAID Driver from intel website then run the software to make storage raid. It is very easy and convenient. Or like calvin7 siad setup the raid too.
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