Windows Boot Manager freezes during loading, cant open Windows 8.1 because it says "Preparing for Automatic Repair" then black

Hey. I have had this issue for a day now. I have, or at least had, a perfectly working PC. All of my components are functioning, and work fine. I plugged in my external USB DVD drive (yes it works. my internal one is broken) to watch a movie. It would not load at first, so I booted from it by restarting my PC. After that, nothing worked. I no longer can get into Windows. First, it says "Reboot and select proper boot device", and now it is stuck on "Preparing for Automatic Repair". After a few seconds of that, the loading fades and I see a black screen. In the BIOS, I booted from Windows Boot Manager, and it just loads forever. I made sure that the first boot device in order was my HDD with the OS on it. No luck. I cannot get into safe mode, and I repeatedly pressed F8, SHIFT + F8, F1, and SHIFT F1. Seriously, how does a MOVIE break a PC?
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  1. HELP! i have that problem too i diagnose everything and it says no damage in hardware and all I can access is system diagnostics and bios setup! when I try system recovery it loops at "please wait" I can't even boot it in safe mode and I try windows8 iso file in usb to boot it for reformatting and it won't work PLEASe!
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    Kindly I ask your attention.

    Well, might be that we need additional information like, Mainboard and BIOS.

    Do create a Repair Disk?
    Use it.

    Do you have the Original DVD?

    Put in and use Windows Repair.

    Hopefully I let you known enough, that you will find the answers you seek! :)

    Good luck and have fun doing it! :)

    Best Regards,

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