Will this build work?

M5A78L-M mobo
Windows 7 home premium 64 bit
Evga gtx 750 2gb
Seasonic m12ii 550w
Corsair Vengance 8gb 1600mhz or maybe the 1333 mhz
Amd fx-6300
Sattelite x-blade case

Will i be able to run bf4 or dayz at 1600x resolution in medium-high settings?
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  1. It will work and achieve the goal at least on medium.
  2. I mean... i know the mobo its not the greatest but will it make the job for a time? Are the connectors compatible and will there be any bottlenecking? Thanks
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    It is all compatible and as you say the mobo is not the best but will run the CPU fine. No bottleneck at all.
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