Intel SRT on the same SSD as my operating system?

Ok so I have one 1TB HDD and one 120GB SSD. I was wondering if it was possible to partition my SSD in 2, one part for the OS (windows 7) and the other part as a Intel SRT cache. I will be installing a lot of games on my HDD (100GB+) so I am wondering if this option will be optimal to accelerate either game launch or loadings screens (for offline games,apps). Is this possible??

2nd option: Buy a 2nd smaller SSD, let's say 60GB and use that one for SRT caches....

Or neither would work since the OS has to be installed on the HDD in order to use SRT?

If not, what would you suggest and why? I just want to figure out the fastest way to boot OS + launch+load games and apps as fast as possible.

Thanks for the help ! I read a lot about this and can't seem to figure out a solution.
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    To be perfectly honest, some games need SSDs more than others. I don't play many games anymore, so I don't tend to keep them installed once I'm done playing with them. I don't mind downloading again, and just keeping the current batch on games on the SSD. With 128 GB, that'd be tough with Windows installed. You could keep a couple games, but more than one or two is going to cause a problem. But a pure SSD solution is probably best here.

    Caching will help though. Just because you can doesn't mean you should, though. With a sufficiently large cache you'll be able to cache everything you do frequently, but it's still not the same thing -- and might not help games much anyway. Putting the OS and apps on the SSD and running games off the HDD is really the way to go here. If there are one or two games out of the bunch which can really improve with SSD performance, it's trivial to run those from the boot/OS drive and leave the rest of the games on the HDD.

    Christopher Ryan
  2. Allright thanks a lot Christopher. I will use your advice for now and will go for a 2nd SSD asap which will be dedicated for games only. I will use the HDD for media files. That should solve my problem. Have a good day !
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