help with final upgrade puzzle piece, "I hope"

amd fx 8350 w/antec liquid cooling
Gskill ddr3 1600 ram
Western Digital 2tb green HD
Gigabyte HD 6850 1gb gpu
Seasonic 750 watt M12II EVO editon psu
CM HAF 912 case w/4 led fans

I received the ole cyberpowerpc build your own with very poor psu @ 350 watts, cheap adata ram and will say average MSI gpu R7. So tossed in my old Gigabyte HD 6850, but yes about a toss up on the two cards. Gigabyte does a tad better in benchmarks, but not that much. So now that have the juice, received and installed the Seasonic 750 watts yesterday from newegg. I want you tech pros thoughts on final piece of the puzzle for graphics card. My budget is $300 or less. So no R9 280x Titan killer.

Thx, Steve
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  1. For 300, your best beat is r9 280. If you want an nvidia card, go gtx 760.
    Msi 280:\
    Asus 760:
  2. okay, I don't want to label myself as Nvida "hater". But just have always taken the amd/ati be blunt could work with my Antec 430 watt psu. Like the ole amd vs. intel debate. So I am willing to try Nvidia and not stuck on amd in anyway. So will your Asus 760 perform better, now that have the proper power psu. I know the old debate who's better Intel or Amd or Nvidia or Amd. I saw Youtube video that my Amd 8350 cpu actually beats intel in some games....I say again....some games.
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    The 280 is the better card, I just included just in case you wanted an Nvidia just case you prefer it. Yeah and your 8350 is a separate argument and is a great cpu in its own right.
  4. So at the risk of getting in trouble from moderator...give me your two cents of amd 8350 vs intels best cpu. I love to hear the debate and have run all the benchmarks.....
  5. Fx series can't keep up with intels best. The single core performance of haswell processors have much better single core performance than fx processor. In certain games, fx 8350 can actually beat i5 4760k. But most of the time, that is not the case. The same can't be said for i7 4770k and 9590. In this comparison. The i7 4770k wins uncontested over 9590 while wasting a lot less power. I hope this helps!
  6. I didn't expect your two cents to be any different before asked the question. But need to ask, the 8350 isn't nothing to sneeze at...right. Still a great chip.
  7. No, of course not: fx 8350 is still very powerful. The limitations of fx 8350 can only be seen with multiple cards or the absolute best video cards (780ti/290x). As long as you don't exceed 1080p, you should have any problem with 8350.
  8. So I given my specs and my current lcd monitor only does 1080p res. Any thoughts where could increase my more gskill ram to 16gb...besides gpu upgrade we discussed already.
  9. Well, you don't need 16 gb modern day unless you going to be video editing or designing something professional in 3D. With these upgrades you probably be set for a while. And you want to consider new monitor as it will probably become the weak link of your system set up. Maybe going up to 1440p or 1080p @ 120 hz will be your next upgrade. Once the monitor is secured you can go for a higher end video card for more graphical awsomeness. I can play this what if game to infitnitum, but as high end as your pc is now, all future upgrades will be very expensive!
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