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Every time I turn on my computer and it's plugged into a monitor it turns off the monitor I also use a VGA connection. M computer beeps once when my computer turns on I need help
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  1. I think your RAM is the problem here.

    A question : Do you have a GPU(Graphics Processing Unit)/Video card ?

    If you have 2 sticks of RAM, then remove 1 stick from the PC, now start the PC, see if you can get the display, if not then put the stick back and remove the another stick, start the PC, see what happens !
  2. Yes I have a graphics card and I will try that right now
  3. I tried both of the rams alone but the monitor just turns off
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    Ok, now it time to remove the GPU. Don't forget to plug the VGA cable to VGA port of MB. See what happens !
  5. Thanks but now what do I do with my graphics card
  6. Did you get the display by removing the GPU ?

    If so then the GPU must be the faulty component, so you can do a RMA if there is warranty or you can get a new GPU.
  7. Ok thanks for your help so I get a new gpu?
  8. Ok so I'm not good with this stuff can you explain step by step please
  9. GHOSTx831 said:
    Ok thanks for your help so I get a new gpu?

    Yes, atleast I think so ! and you are welcome. Cheers.
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