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yesterday i was in dota 2 trade where a massage came with an URL said add to trade, i clicked then a pop up came saying upload file named ssfn4263219997481030517. Such foolish of me, i did. then within few minutes i got offline from dota 2 so as steam. i tried to log in but failed. when i checked my google account there is a massage saying my default email id is changed. i reported to steam support they r saying to add any payment history like credit card bills or something. but i dont have any, because dota 2 is free to play so as steam is free to download. what can i do? please help
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  1. If you dont' have any paid games, just get another account
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    no other way. had some good items in that account
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    since you didn't have CC info on file with steam on that account, there no way to prove that you own that account. At least you learn not to click on thing.
  4. i am new to online gaming and trading and i am really shocked. thank you for your answer.
  5. just need my account back
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    if steam can't help you, nobody here can help you.
  7. got my account back with all items
  8. healthcare3 said:
    got my account back with all items

    omg how did you got your account back? and how long btw.. i got scammed too like you..
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