SSD for sata II motherboard.

A 60 gb SSD(sata III) will work on motherboard with sata II?
It is worth it ?
How much speed i will lose because of the sata II port ?

mobo:ECS A55F-M3

Thanks for your attention
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  1. Yes the SATA 3 will work in your 2. It will be noticeably faster than a standard spindle hard drive, however you're losing on average 50% of the speed that the SATA 3 is capable of. I could get the exact numbers for you if you want.
    60 GB SSD's aren't too expensive anymore so I'd say it's worth it.
  2. It should work, I am not sure how much speed you will lose but you lose it on sequential read/write. An SSD really shines on it's fast random read/write speeds which should not be hindered when using SATA II, you will still see a big performance improvement you just won't get large file transfer speeds as advertised.
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    Yes, SATA 3 (6Gb/s) SSDs will work on SATA 2 (3Gb/s) ports.
    SATA 2 speeds are from 151MB/s to 300MB/s. With a SATA 3 SSD on a SATA 2 port you should expect Read/Write speeds up to around 290-295MB/s.

    You should save your money until you can afford a 120GB SSD. A 60GB SSD will be 55.8GB after you format it. A Windows 7 installation with all of the updates take about 20GB. So you will be starting out with 35GB of available space before you even add any programs or games.
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