New Build - Worth waiting for Devils Canyon?

As the title states go for the current 4770K 4 core Haswell processor, or wait til the 8 core Devils canyon is released in a few weeks?

This is a gaming PC, will the 8 core vs 4 core make a difference in gaming performance.
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    Let me just clear somethings out of your mind. Devil's Canyon is not a new generation of CPUs. They're a refresh of the current Haswell CPUs and the only difference is that Devil's Canyon will overclock better, because they are hand-picked chips, so no 8-core for you, sir.
    However, if you're strictly gaming, you don't need an i7, go for an i5, it will serve just as good for less money.
  2. Thanks for the clarification,
    I got devils canyon confused with Haswell-e and Broadwell as far as 8 cores.
  3. You're welcome
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