Brand new computer shuts off unexpectedly

PC specs:
GeForce GTX 760
ASUS z87-a mobo
Antec HCG 620w PSU
G skill ripjaws x 8gb GDDR3-1866mhz RAM
WD blue HD
ASUS disk drive
Corsair 200r case
Windows 7

Hello everyone. So yesterday I built my first computer and it was working fine all day until about 9-10 pm when I was watching a Twitch stream and all of a sudden everything froze and the speakers started to make a buzzing noise. I held down the power button, turned it off then back on, it asked if I wanted to start in safe mode and all the other options, I started it normally, I logged on and everything worked. I went to go back on the internet and it did the same thing minus the buzzing noise. I turned it off and on again but did not try to open the internet this time and there was no crash so I just decided to let my files transfer overnight from my old computer via homegroup. This morning nothing would wake my computer, not moving my mouse or typing on my keyboard, so I had to turn if off and on again. When I logged in I went to my documents to see if the files had transferred and my computer just shuts off. After turning back on and logging in without even doing anything else it just shuts off again. This I went to the BIOS to see if the CPU was overheating or the fans not working but neither was the problem. I left it on the BIOS for a while to see if it would shut down there too but it didn't. After leaving the BIOS and logging into windows it is just sitting at the desktop and I don't want to mess with anything. Does anyone have any idea as to what is causing this?

One thing to note is that when I had first got windows installed and was starting to install programs there was a whining/buzzing noise coming from the case but it stopped after not to long. I figured it was a fan but I looked at all of the fans and they all look to be running just fine.
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  1. Could be your HDD, if you have another HDD on hand with windows installed see if it freezes your computer, if not then you have a bad HDD. Could have a corrupted HDD.
  2. try this...pull your gpu and use your onboard video chipset see if the pc will shut off. it could be you have a bad fan in the power supply or if you have carpet it clogging the fan as newer cases have them bottom mounted. if it not a bad fan in the power supply it could be a power issue from the power supply. in the bios your not using the video card at all(stress wise).
    so that power supply wont get loaded. you can in windows run hardware monitor or another to look at power supply voltages then run prime 95 and some other diag to stress test the system.
  3. smorizio said:
    it could be you have a bad fan in the power supply or if you have carpet it clogging the fan as newer cases have them bottom mounted.

    I have the computer on my sitting on top of my desk behind my monitor.
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